Here you will find the most often questions

How much does Appflow cost?

It depends which monthly subscription plan you decide to take. We have three set plans which range from $3.88 per 1K revenue to $6.88 per 1K revenue. We also have a more flexible subscription plan for those who require a more customised solution. Please contact us for more details regarding this type of plan.

Why is your pricing based on my revenue?

This is our way of keeping things fair. We want to make sure that all our customers are able to afford our product. If you use Appflow less in one month (and make less revenue), why should we expect you to pay the same as a boom month? Essentially, it’s a way to justify our pricing.

How safe is my data?

We’re committed to keeping your data safe, so never ever would we sell it, or do anything strange with it. That’s a guarantee. Your privacy is important and we really care about protecting it. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is our preferred choice for web hosting, so please rest assured that your data is in good hands. We also use SSL encryption and a lot more to prevent your data from leaking out to the world.

Do you pay me?

Yes, we can! We have an invoicing feature in Appflow which makes it possible to get paid through us. As you may know, according to Google and Apple regulations, you receive money 2-3 weeks after purchases are made. With us, when you use our invoicing feature, we can pay you upfront and charge later. Pretty convenient, right? This is, however, an additional option which you’d need to sign up for. This feature is available upon request and needs approval.