Google real-time developer notifications(RTDN)

Discover how to configure Google real-time developer notifications(RTDN) to enable data accuracy.

Real-time developer notifications(RTDN) is a mechanism to receive notifications from Google whenever there is a change in a user"s entitlement within your app.

By setting up RTDN, you can instantly receive updates as they occur in the Play Store, ensuring accurate tracking of user status and obtaining precise data.

Before setting up the RTDN, please make sure that the Cloud Pub/Sub API is enabled.

RTDN Setting up

Once you have successfully uploaded the Google Service Account Key to, our system will automatically generate all the necessary resources in your Google Cloud Project.

The RTDN topic will then be displayed in the "Google Play RTDN topic name" field on's application editing page.

To proceed, please follow these three steps:

Step 1. Copy the RTDN topic name and head to Google Play Console. From there, navigate to the App Dashboard and go to the Monetization setup page.

Step 2. Locate the section for Real-time developer notifications and paste the previously copied Topic name into the designated Topic name field.

Step 3. After that, simply click on "Save changes" located at the bottom right corner. At this point, your Google Play RTDN setup will be complete and ready to go.

Raw events forwarding(optional)

In certain cases, you may still have the need to receive raw S2S events directly from Google. If you wish to continue receiving these events while utilizing, simply include your endpoint in the designated field for forwarding raw Google events. This will enable us to send raw events as-is from Google directly to your endpoint.

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