Quickstart - How to start working with Appflow.ai?

All steps you need to start working

1. Register

To register, please go to Sign up page

For now, we register through email, github, facebook, and google accounts, however, the main thing we ask for is a valid email. After 1st registration step, you will receive a confirmation email.

For security reasons, we always say the same "We sent an email" - even if you already were registered. We support anti-fishing activities to keep your account secure and not show are you our user or not.

2. Confirm your email

After email confirmation, we put you exactly to the onboarding step-by-step form. We take some of your information such as full name, position, project name, project category, goals, and the source that helped you to find us. During the onboarding, you will be able to add iOS, Android apps to the platform to your project.

3. Integrate our SDK on the next steps.

After the full onboarding, you'll be able to Log in.

4. Specify keys

iOS keys Android keys

5. Add SKUs

Adding SKUs is needed to correctly understand where your subscriptions are coming from.

6. Add custom events

If you wish to use all possibilities of the Appflow.ai funnel and USers'CRM, please consider adding custom events there. You are eligible to add up to 10 custom events per app now for better user journey stats.

Custom events iOS Custom events Android

7. Add more apps

In the Basic plan, you can add only one app, but in Premium and in Ultimate you can track stats for a lot of your apps. Add more in Settings. If your app is still not published, you can add a bundle.

8. Add your payment method

Even if you are on a free plan, we ask you to connect with Stripe as when you are exceeding 10k revenue per month, you will be charged.

You can read about payment rules here

To add a payment method, please, go to Your Billing page here:

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