Understand your post-install conversions along the entire users' lifecycle in your subscription apps, and compare it across different marketing channels >> campaigns >> creatives/keywords.

The funnel was created with the aim to understand deeper where your subscribers are coming from and show up their journey. Integrated with attributions, funnel analysis is to answer the following questions:

  • how is the post-install conversion of all your app users?

  • which marketing channel brings you the most paying users?

  • which SKU selling the best across marketing channels/countries?

  • which step has the highest drop-off along the entire user lifecycle?

  • which keyword/campaign/channel has the highest trial/paying conversion?


For now, funnel analysis is released for Adjust and Apple Search Ads attribution. So in case you are using Adjust as an attribution platform, it will be easy to check what users' steps exist for each campaign, sub-campaign and creative.

Pay attention, that Adjust is an attribution platform, not a channel. On the top widget, we are showing installs done from different Channels. For example Facebook advertisement. In case you choose it from the dropdown, all the data will be turned to be shown from this channel.

SKU by Channel

We also show the SKUs amount and variety from this channel. Regarding the SKUs by channel on the top. You choose the channel from the dropdown and we show the total SUBSCRIPTIONS for this channel for the period (mind the calendar!) and also SKUs separated by the amount of subscribed per this sku. You also can click on each SKU to see the division by Country.

Conversion funnel

For the channel/campaign/keyword you choose, we will also show the standard subscription conversion funnel of users: Installs >> Trials >> Subscriptions >> Refunds/Renewals off

For each event, you can toggle it to turn it on or off. The structure of the funnel is based on the first event of the funnel from the chosen acquisition channel, i.e. the first point is Installs at the above pic.

We also count and suggest the conversion between installs and subscriptions so you will easily know how many installs you need to get one subscriber.


We will be adding the possibility to create your own funnel with the custom events very soon!

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