Create Push-notifications

Personalize your push notifications based on in-app events, to engage with your end users with remote configuration.

Before you create Push Notifications in Experiments, please, make sure you've completed the Push Notification Configuration. If not, you could refer to these two docs:

Create Push Notification with

Go to Experiments => Push Notification Campaigns => + add Campaign

  • put the short name there

  • user should select a platform to run it on

  • choose an app

  • choose to run the push after some trigger (event) or for some date (pay attention, that it could be one-time or recurring action if recurring - weekly or monthly)

  • the time to start a campaign on and put it off

  • put notification content - title and text - pay attention to the limits of the letter

You can have push-notification campaigns as drafts, upcoming or finished campaigns.

You also can see what user we already sent the notification to and when.

You can edit, delete or pause your campaigns from the list of campaigns.

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