What is Appflow.ai?

Explore the best free subscription analytics & management platform for Android and iOS apps.

Appflow.ai is a powerful subscription analytics and management platform, specifically designed to fuel the growth of in-app subscription revenue.

It features a purchase SDK that accelerates the implementation of in-app subscriptions, functioning as the purchase backend that handles user receipt validation.

Additionally, the platform offers real-time subscription analytics and seamless integration with well-known marketing, attribution, and product analytics platforms.

With its no-code paywall A/B testing tool, you can identify the most profitable subscription pricing model and unlock the untapped potential of your revenue streams.

Furthermore, Appflow.ai enables you to engage app users through no-code push notifications and in-app messages, both within and outside the app.

Check out more details about Appflow.ai features below.

Appflow.ai Features

  1. Real-time In-app Subscription Analytics

  • Unlock growth-oriented subscription metrics for actionable insights.

  • Stay updated with real-time subscription data through the customizable subscription dashboard.

  • Visualize subscription data effortlessly to fulfill your specific analytics requirements.

  • Analyze the effectiveness of Apple Search Ads efficiently by mapping post-install events with keyword-level funnel analysis.

  • Segment users and utilize our built-in cohort tool to compare their subscription behavior.

  • Enhance engagement by tracking in-app events and gaining comprehensive user insights through our CRM feature.

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  1. Cross-platform In-app Subscription Management

  • Develop in-app subscription infrastructure faster by seamlessly integrating Appflow.ai’s purchase SDK as the receipt validation backend, eliminating the need for building your own.

  • No ongoing backend maintenance is needed, saving all the valuable development resources for perfecting app functions.

  • Manage subscribers’ access to the paid content effortlessly across iOS and Android, ensuring smooth handling of all possible scenarios.

  • Keep track of users' subscription status and make real-time updates.

  • Grant premium feature access to potential users as a promotional strategy to incentivize users and drive upselling.

Explore the benefits of the Purchase SDK

  1. Paywall A/B Testing

  • Create subscription paywalls for A/B testing effortlessly using the paywall editor - Visual Constructor.

  • Experiment with various variables of subscription paywalls, including durations, prices, layout designs, multilingual support, and more.

  • Allocate traffic proportionately for A/B testing based on testing needs.

  • Configure the most profitable subscription paywall remotely as the official one without needing app store review or release.

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  1. No-code Engagement Tools: Push Notifications & In-app Messages

  • Craft engaging messages using the intuitive built-in message composer.

  • Deliver timely messages by setting up precise triggers and targeting specific user segments.

  • Launch impactful engagement campaigns on iOS and Android apps.

  • Evaluate the performance of push notification campaigns with comprehensive built-in metrics and self-defined conversion event tracking.

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  1. One-click Integrations

  • Integrate effectively with leading marketing, attribution, and product analytics platforms in just one click.

  • Forward subscription-related events to integrated platforms.

  • Gather key performance metrics from your subscription app on one comprehensive dashboard.

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Who can Benefit from Appflow.ai?

Appflow.ai caters to a wide range of professionals, including app developers, app marketers, app growth managers, app product managers, app executives, and anyone striving to enhance their in-app subscription revenue.

For app developers, Appflow.ai provides a purchase SDK that streamlines development workflow and expedites the integration of in-app subscriptions.

Moreover, app marketers and growth managers can leverage real-time subscription data to closely monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns. This enables them to identify growth opportunities and detect churn trends, empowering them to take immediate action to maintain and boost subscription revenue. The added advantages are that they can offer promotional incentives to regain or upsell users, as well as send engaging push notifications and in-app messages without relying on developers.

Additionally, app product managers can effortlessly analyze users' in-app journeys and compare user behavior to evaluate the efficacy of their onboarding design. In case areas for improvement are identified, they can promptly optimize features to enhance the overall user experience.

Lastly, app executives gain access to an overview of their app's monetization progress, ensuring seamless operations and informed decision-making.

Why Choose Appflow.ai?

Appflow.ai is the perfect choice to turbocharge the growth of your subscription apps, particularly beneficial for startups. We provide comprehensive subscription analytics completely free of charge, granting you full access to crucial metrics necessary for expanding your business.

Our paid plans are competitively priced, and we won't start charging until your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) surpasses $1000. Don't hesitate to explore Appflow.ai and embark on a journey of mutual growth!

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