User info

SDK part to send user's attributes and user's info to

You can send user information to backend in the following ways

Appflow.uploadUserInfo(UserAttribute attribute, UploadUserInfoListener listener)


val build = UserAttribute.Builder()
    .setCustomAttribute("address", "user_address")
    .setCustomAttribute("id", "user_id")
Appflow.uploadUserInfo(build, object : UploadUserInfoListener {
    override fun onSuccess() {
    override fun onFail(error: String?) {

API Reference


setName(name: String)

Set user name

setEmail(email: String

Set user email

setGender(gender: UserGender)

Set user gender

setPhone(phone: String)

Set user phone

setAge(age: String)

Set user age

setCustomAttribute(key: String, value: Any)

Set custom user attribute



Success callback

onFail(error: String?)

Failure callback

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