Ownership and other roles

Description about roles and how to add new members


The purpose of this document is to define the ownership and other roles that can be set within the admin panel of our software. By using our role-based access control feature, organizations can ensure that team members have access only to the features and data that are relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

We believe that role-based access control is an essential feature for organizations that want to maintain a high level of security and control over their data. This document outlines the responsibilities and permissions of each role and provides guidance on how to set up and manage roles within our software.

By following the guidelines in this document, organizations can create a secure and efficient team environment that maximizes the productivity of their analyses.

In Appflow.ai we have 3 types of roles: owner, moderator. reader.

  • Owner: You can see, edit or delete members of your project.

  • Moderator: Same right as owner such as A/B tests creation. Push-notification campaigns management, visual constructor details editing. The moderator doesn't have the right to change members and add apps to your project.

  • Reader: View-access only, but can play with filters to see the data for the needed period.

Right now we are using emails as members ids so you can invite a new member through the email by choosing the name, role, and email. If the user accepts your invite, he will be added to the project. Please, note, there is a member limitation for different plans.

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