A/B Testing

No-code A/B testing for your subscription paywalls with flexible user segments.

Generally, A/B testing allows you to experiment with different elements of your app by showing a segment of your user's different versions of the same thing in order to see which element or version performs better.

Let’s take paywalls for example. You can show different paywalls to a certain segment of your users, at the same time. The data you get from this will indicate which paywall is more effective and drives business metrics.

For instance, you can show 50% of your non-subscribers in China one kind of yearly discount, and the other 50% another kind of yearly discount.

We’ve created a more complex system to allow you to test with different segments and different SKUs.

Imagine that you want to see what happens if you test a $20/month subscription on 50% of your users in the US. And in Canada, you test the remaining 50% of your users with a $10/month subscription.

We also give you free rein when it comes to splitting your user base. Some companies offer a 50/50 split. But we love being different. With us, you get complete freedom to split your users any way you want.

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