In-app Messages

Engage with your users with in-app message using only a remote configuration control

In-app messages are created to help you engage with your users even more. Imagine, you want to show a big message, not only push notification.

The greatest advantage of this feature is that you can:

  • show it exactly after triggering the event, i.e. refund OR

  • schedule one event, i.e. congratulate your user with the holiday OR

  • make a recurring campaign, i.e. remind your users to drink water every day.

One more advantage of using it with is that you can choose the exact users' segment to send your in-app message. For example, it could be released only for some language groups.

And the coolest thing is, as always, that you don't need your mobile developer to be involved as well as update the app version in the store. Everything is done with the Remote Configuration Control!

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