Specify Apple Store Keys

Set keys to receive the proper subscription data in real time

❗️ Important

This step is the most important for your project data visibility. Please, make sure you specified all keys.

πŸ“˜ To set up all settings, you need to be an admin of the Appstore Connect

App Connect Shared Secret

  1. First, go to App Store Connect

  2. Choose your app

  3. Go to App Information

  4. Click "Manage" under App-Specific Shared Secret

  1. On the pop-up window, copy the SHARE SECRET

  1. To set up the SHARE SECRET for a specific app at Appflow.ai, simply login to Appflow.ai, go to Settings, and select Application Manage. From there, navigate to the app listing pages, locate the desired app, and click "Edit" to access the application editing page. Look for the "App Store keys" section and paste the SHARE SECRET that you copied from App Store Connect into the designated field.

Then move to the next stepπŸ‘‡

App Store Server Notifications

Set it to have the same data from Appstore

Without these keys you will see a huge difference between data on Appflow.ai and Appstore

You can find the link in our settings (Settings >> Manage Applications >> Edit ) or onboarding process(see the pic above), copy and paste it to the App Store Server Notifications in App Store Connect.

Please, choose the version 1 Notifications there

App Store Promotional Offers

We don't support it in the current Appflow.ai Version, however, you may set it to be updated right away!

Upload Subscription keys to use promotional offers

Here is a way how to do that: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/storekit/original_api_for_in-app_purchase/subscriptions_and_offers/setting_up_promotional_offers

Please upload to the right place:


Finish this step to receive your data in a real-time manner

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