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End-users Attributes

We identify the following end-users attributes for your subscriber management.

What do we get about your users by default:

  • first_open_time: first open time
  • advertiser_id: Apple's Advertising Identifier (IDFA) or Google Android's advertising ID.
  • device_id: device id
  • app_user_id: app user id
  • os: Android, iOS
  • os_ver: os version
  • app_ver: app version of first open
  • device_model: device model name
  • device_brand
  • locale
  • tz_abv: timezone abbreviation
  • carrier
  • country
  • language
  • screen_width
  • screen_height
  • screen_density
  • remote_ip: ip address of first open
  • tracker_id: tracker id
  • acquisition_source: acquired this user from which traffic source